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Practical strategies to maximise expat success

Are you having trouble attracting the right people because the accompanying spouse is hesitant?  Would your Global Mobility team benefit from gaining insight into the internal challenges expats face so they can better serve new assignees? Are you looking for new strategies to recruit and support expat families to improve and maximise assignment success?

It's no secret that 40% of expat assignments fail due to family-related issues.  Even with the addition of cross-cultural training, language lessons, career coaching and practical support for the expat spouse,  that statistic hasn't changed much in over 30 years. 

Often the reason for failure isn't because information and services weren't available to the spouse, but rather they have been left to their own devices with the invisible part of the struggle... coping with change, making initial decisions without proper context, navigating cultural incompatibilities, shifting the mindset on unmet expectations and rebuilding themselves and their lives...etc.  In other words,  lacking support in the human part of this experience leads to expat failure.

This half day session is designed to bring the 'invisible challenges' expats and their families face to light in order to more successfully recruit and support them


.  The session goes beyond the practicalities of the move and cross-cultural training.  It will focus on the human experience of the move to offer insight into the internal struggles that every expat spouse goes through..  If will offer concrete insight and information on what the spouse and family experience and deliver implementable tools to improve the process of preparing and supporting your expats.  

Your Global Mobility team will be in a stronger position to offer support and guidance, know what the real questions to ask are, and improve their ability to spot trouble before the assignment risks failure.

  • Why small annoyances could signal larger problems

  • Daily frustrations of the expat spouse

  • How cultural differences and expectations can spiral into substantial personal struggles

  • Why housing can make or break an assignment

  • That rebuilding the spouses identity is more than finding him/her a job

  • What questions you need to be asking your expats

  • Understanding why what expats think they want doesn't create the desired result in the context of their new country

  • How to vet your relocations agents to make sure they are addressing the 'invisible' in the context of practicalities to ensure that your families land where they need to be.

  • Pre-move - Why a single contact point is important when supporting the expat spouse with the practicalities of the move

  • what practices you can implement in locations where you have several expat families

A HAPPY EXPAT offers tailor made coaching and workshops to help better understand the issues and concerns that the spouse face that could possibly make the assignment unsuccessful

For more information, contact Tanya Arler at

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