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Mindset Coach, Speaker, Author

I have lived in

USA, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Japan and Sweden.

I help expat spouses become happier​​ by understanding that rebuilding a
life for yourself is HARD.
My aim is to help expat spouses cope with the staggering change,​​ rebuild an identity that works in their new home,​​ and learn to see their host country through a different lens,
so they too can become A Happy Expat.

I left my corporate job in 1998 to temporarily become an expat spouse and have moved 7 times since.

In 2004 I started a coaching business which led me to study expat spouses and the personal challenges we face from a whole new angle.

Since then I have helped countless expat spouses deal with the 

Loneliness, Loss of Identity, and Lack of Direction they face each time they move.


I believe that every spouse can be A Happy Expat​ if they:​​

Are honest with themselves about who they are and their social needs.​​

Learn to reframe unmet expectations.​​

And realise that they are not alone.​

Every spouse is rebuilding...​

Every spouse is searching...

Every spouse is figuring out how to start over.

I'm a speaker, coach, and author of the book UNPACK - A guide to life as an expat spouse (Springtime Books).  

My dad was American and my mom is Belgian so I grew up with a foot in both worlds.  My husband is Dutch, which means my kids are confused with 3 passports each.

I am crazy about karaoke and have loved musical theatre as long as I can remember.  My favorite way of hanging out with friends is hosting a BBQ in my home, and I'm willing to burst into song at the drop of a hat with my rendition of All That Jazz...  just ask!

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