Expat spouses face many questions, and this book is designed to offer straightforward answers. 


Written by two expats - with over 15 international moves between them - you'll find inspiration and wisdom to handle your expat dilemmas.

Get reading to discover time-tested advice that will transform your expat experience into a truly amazing adventure. 

It's all right here for you to enjoy,

so start Unpacking!


Tanya was raised bi-culturally, Belgian/American, and is a seasoned expat spouse, having orchestrated seven international moves for herself and her family. Professionally she is an inspirational speaker and coach in the Personal Development industry.


Recently Tanya has moved to Singapore where she founded A HAPPY EXPAT to support and inspire expat spouses over the world.


Lana earned her Bachelor of Science in Family Psychology from Brigham Young University. Over the past two decades she’s put that degree to the test, raising four children while navigating fourteen moves, eight of them international.  

Lana has returned 'home' and is residing in Utah with her husband and 2 children, with her two eldest already pursuing lives of their own.